The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Tea Brands in the Indian market

Finding the best tea brands in the Indian market is not a big deal unless you are looking for premium-grade tea leaves that offer a strong enriching taste in every sip. Keeping in mind the dynamic love for tea as preferred by Indian tea lovers, companies are introducing various flavors of tea to offer something new in the league. One such trusted tea brand in India is Dalmia Gold Tea which offers a premium range of best-selling tea such as CTC tea, green tea, and dust tea. Every tea type is crafted from the carefully harvested tea leaves from the gardens of Dooars, Darjeeling, and Assam making the blends smell enriching while doubling its taste.


How to choose the best tea brands in the Indian market?

When it comes to selecting a premium brand of tea, buyers often face the challenge of sorting out the list owing to the availability of multiple versions of the same tea in different packages. While the package assures quality, it doesn’t guarantee the taste and flavor as claimed. So if you are picky about tea flavor and taste, you must try these essential hacks to bag the best tea brand that not only meets your daily dose of energy booster but also comes at a budget-friendly price range.

  • Brand Value Matters: Choosing between the best tea brands in the Indian market can be a serious challenge for buyers. Both online and offline stores nowadays offer a plethora of options by various makers with attractive packaging to draw instant attention. The Indian tea market has every flavor of tea for every tea enthusiast such as CTC tea also known as black tea, green tea, herbal tea, and chai. All you need to do is select the right type of tea that aligns with your taste buds.

  • Flavor Profile: Different tea types have different flavor profiles, some of which are stronger while others may be subtle and aromatic. Hence it is important to understand your preferences so you can choose across different flavors and pick the one that matches your mood-o-meter.

  • Caffeine content: If you are addicted to caffeine, make your choice accordingly. Black tea contains the most caffeine compared to green tea which makes it safe for consumption as many times in a day as you want. Choose according to your caffeine preferences.

  • Surf through their Websites:  To gain detailed information about your chosen type of tea, visit the websites of the brand to gain adequate information. For example; to have detailed information on the product types of a renowned tea brand like Dalmia Gold Tea, visit our website once for adequate information on different types of CTC tea, green tea, and dust tea that are made of supreme quality tea leaves handpicked from the gardens of Dooars, Darjeeling, and Assam.

  • Mind the Packaging: Best quality tea comes in quality air-tight packaging to preserve its freshness. This is a crucial factor to consider while buying tea whether online or offline.

These are our 5 essential tips for finding the best tea brands in the Indian market. Whether you are looking for green tea, CTC tea, or dust tea, visit Dalmia Gold shop to explore our wide range of enriching blends available at a budget-friendly price range.