5 Most expensive tea in the world | Dalmia Gold

5 Most expensive tea in the world | Dalmia Gold

A cup of steaming tea is perhaps the only thing that no one can say NO to. This hot beverage is consumed in many forms all across the globe and in India, the most popular form is a cup of kadak (strong) chai or adrak (ginger) chai. CTC tea in India is quite popular because of its enriching aroma and taste and is available in various samples and price ranges. If you are awestruck with the hefty price of different CTC blends from the same company, then be ready to enrich your knowledge with some more options of expensive teas that are extremely popular across the globe. 

Oolong tea: Cultivated in the Wuyi mountain of China, the history of this tea dated back to the Ming dynasty. Since then tea is specially reserved to be offered as a gift item only to notable figures. The tea is also referred to as “Big Red Robe” in English and has immense medicinal value in fighting cardiovascular diseases and boosting the immunity system. The tea is priced at $1.2 mil/kg.

Panda Dung Tea: The tea is cultivated using Panda excreta as manure. The tea is produced in the Ya’an mountains in China and is considered an organic remedy against cancer. A kg of this tea is priced at $70,000. 

PG tips diamond tea bag: Studded with 280 diamonds in the tea bag, the brand was introduced by a British tea company. The bag is also enclosed with Makaibari’s silver tip premium tea which is one of the most expensive Darjeeling tea. The cost of the tea/bag is $15,000.

Vintage Wuyi Oolong tea: Priced at $6,500/Kg, the tea comes from the Wuyi mountains that are meant for prolonged preservation. Hence, quite similar to wine, the taste of the tea improves with age and is quite expensive because of its rarity.

Matcha Green tea: This is quite an expensive form of green tea loaded with antioxidants and other benefits. Because of its immense health benefits, a premium pack of matcha green tea in India starts from Rs778/kg. Tad expensive isn’t it? But you can source the most reasonably priced quality green tea from the house of Dalmia Gold, a premium tea company in India.

CTC tea: Not all varieties of CTC come in the same price range. The most premium quality Darjeeling or Assam CTC tea can cost nearly Rs.750 for a pack of 300gm. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have the classic taste of Darjeeling tea due to budget issues. Simply visit the Dalmia Gold website and bag your favorite flavor from a wide range of classic CTC tea options and that too at a very reasonable price range. 

Buying the best flavor of tea from brimming options in the Indian market is not child’s play. So, if you are a true tea lover, then don’t compromise during brand selection and select only premium brands like Dalmia Gold to live every moment of sipping tea.

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