Decoding the premium tea brands in India for flavorsome brewing | Dalmia Gold

Decoding the premium tea brands in India for flavorsome brewing | Dalmia Gold
Do you love experimenting with the different flavors of tea to soothe your senses? Then swear by only premium tea brands in the market that delivers only quality and flavorsome blend to freshen up your every morning with a golden cuppa of steaming elixir. 

Tea in India is more than just a warm beverage. This warm aromatic elixir has its special place reserved for every small to the grand occasion and is a staple beverage served in every household across the globe. Though the market is brimming with several international and homegrown tea brands, it often becomes tricky to choose the best blend ignoring the advertising gimmicks. So, before we unveil the best tea brands to simplify your confusing search, here are some easy tricks to choose your perfect blend
  • While most brands claim to deliver the finest blend, we would suggest you trust your senses and judge based on looks. While buying tea, you will mostly find two types of leaf blends i.e. the CTC tea (cut/crush, tear, curl) and orthodox tea. CTC is the most commonly available commercial tea which is granular and is processed through oxidation, which gives the blend its signature reddish-black hue. This black granular tea is a staple you will spot on every kitchen shelf and comes comparatively cheaper than the orthodox tea leaves. Whereas, orthodox tea leaves are longer, wholesome, and dark green. Keep in mind that these leaves are rolled because of the delicate processing which is also a reason behind the dark green tinge. The darker the leaves, the better would be the flavor and taste because of the presence of certain plant compounds.

  • The next factor to judge a pack of premium tea is the natural aroma. With the rising market demand for exotic blends, it’s no surprise that many popular commercial tea brands use artificial flavor to woo the customers but unfortunately cannot trick the refined tea tasters. So use your smell sense to deeply inhale the blend. If it has a distinct fragrance that is not overpowering but soothing, then surely it confirms the authenticity of the finest blend. On brewing the finest blend, you get enriching aromatic tea that enlivens your sense.

  • While buying your tea from the nearest stores or online, don’t forget to check the composition to confirm the blend is sourced from the elite tea gardens of Assam, Darjeeling, and Dooars. With so many tea brands mushrooming the market, many dubious tea manufacturers are sourcing tea from the local gardens that lack the authentic flavor and taste you deserve. So, swear by only the reputed tea brands to buy an authentic blend that tastes and smells great.

  • Even if you are buying the best tea brands, don’t forget to check the manufacturing and expiry date. This is one of the most vital factors that most consumers skip and take lightly only to experience pale taste and flavor. So buy only from the fresh batch of finest quality tea to enjoy authentic color, essence, and taste in every sip.

Now that you know the secret tips to buying premium quality tea, here we are presenting some of the biggest and highly recommended tea brands to include in your watch list.
Topping the list is DalmiaGold, an eminent tea brand that offers a wide range of premium blends to sort your tea blend selection. This trusted tea manufacturing company in India is best known for offering authentic flavor and taste sourced directly from the gardens of Dooars, Darjeeling, and Assam. Want to experience the genuine rich flavor of Darjeeling tea at home? Buy your choice of Dalmia Gold tea to kickstart your every day with a flavorsome cup of golden tea.

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