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A Cup of Tea Anytime Anywhere! | Dalmia Gold

A Cup of Tea Anytime Anywhere! | Dalmia Gold
The method of processing black tea is called CTC. Crush, tear and curl, or cut, tear and curl, is the processing method of black tea where the leaves are made to run through cylinder rollers. The cylinders are provided with sharp teeth like structures that curl and tear the leaves and crush them. This method of processing the tea leaves is different from the manufacturing of simply rolled tea strips. Also known as the mamri method, CTC leaf tea is immensely popular in India and abroad.

The process of making CTC began in the 1930s by Sir William McKercher in Assam. In 1950 it spread to other parts of India and Africa. Today, the CTC method of black tea production is prevalent around the world. This tea is extensively used in tea bags as it is strongly flavored and steeps quickly.

Processing and preparing CTC tea under high pressure by cutting and tearing makes the natural cells break down. The cells fully oxidize making the taste stronger while losing its subtlety almost completely.  CTC tea is mixed with inexpensive tea by some manufacturers. It is difficult to distinguish between the leaves when a mix is made. The whole broken tree leaves do not mix with inexpensive tea. If the CTC tea is of high quality, then the finished product will also measure to the same quality.

CTC method of tea manufacturing maintains the same flavor profile from one batch to the other. A well-known CTC black Assam tea like Dalmia Gold Premium Tea steeps into a deep ruby red color and the flavor is a bit bitter. Most brands produce English breakfast, Irish breakfast, and afternoon tea. Black tea is a classic Assam tea and is loved all around the world, sometimes it is mixed and spiced as masala tea, which is a combination of interesting spices.

Good quality CTC tea is available in the best supermarkets. You can order your tea online. Available not just in Assam but all over the world, the CTC leaf tea is one of the most popular productions and enjoyed by millions.

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