Discover the Rich Flavors of CTC Tea: A Guide to Buying and Brewing

Discover the Rich Flavors of CTC Tea: A Guide to Buying and Brewing

To enjoy the most authentic tea flavors it is important that you make the right purchase and also brew it right. CTC tea, more commonly known as black tea, is common in every Indian household and is also widely consumed by people all over the world. Hence, it is obvious that CTC tea is always there on your kitchen shelf. However, are you sure of the quality of your pack of CTC tea? You will come across multiple brands selling CTC tea with all sorts of attractive packaging making it extremely difficult to select top brands with the most authentic flavors of CTC tea. 

So, here are some tips that you can follow while buying and brewing CTC tea for a perfect blend.

1. Ensure the source of the tea- While buying CTC tea you must ensure that the tea is sourced from the esteemed tea garden of Darjeeling, Assam, and Doors. There are many brands whose manufacturers source their tea from local tea gardens and offer their products with artificial flavors. On that note, we suggest you opt for top brands like Dalmia Gold. Brands like Dalmia Gold, ensure the most authentic blends sourced from Darjeeling, Assam, and Doors. They offer the finest flavors of CTC tea. 

2. Check the aroma
- The aroma of the tea is the most essential factor to determine its quality. There are many brands in the market using artificial flavors. You must rely on your senses to gauge the authenticity of the tea flavor. Or else, the easiest way to avoid falling prey to brands with spurious quality tea is to educate yourself with top brands like Dalmia Gold. You can never go wrong with brands like Dalmia Gold.

3. Consult an expert
: It is always a smarter option to consult someone who has extensive knowledge about the nitty gritty of tea qualities, sources, and authenticity. They possess the ability to separate the genuine from the artificially flavored tea brand. Additionally, they provide you with valuable tips on how to brew different flavors perfectly, in order to obtain a perfect blend.

4. Price matters - Good quality teas are expensive and if you want to relish some finest qualities, you can buy some packs of the finest quality teas and enjoy them occasionally. Although CTC tea is inexpensive because they are completely machine-made, there are some flavors like Broken Orange Pekoe, Golden broken orange pekoe, and some others which come at a higher price than dust and Fanning.

5. Shelf life- No matter what brand you choose, always make sure that you check the manufacturing and expiry date. Storing tea for a long time fades away both the aroma and flavor of the tea. Thus, if you skip this part you may end up wasting your money.

6. Brewing method- CTC tea gives a dark red hue upon brewing. This tea is low in antioxidant components because the tea leaves go through a rigorous oxidation process and hence give out such a dark red hue. While brewing the CTC tea it would be better if you have it with milk, honey, or spices. 

Now that you know about the tips and tricks of buying and brewing CTC tea, you can relish the delicious beverage with authentic flavors and aroma and enlighten others on the same. Buy an authentic range of flavor-packed CTC tea blends from Dalmia Gold.

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