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Factors That Make Darjeeling CTC Tea Different And Unique | Dalmia Gold

Factors That Make Darjeeling CTC Tea Different And Unique | Dalmia Gold

The worldwide demand for Darjeeling CTC tea is evergreen since the colonial times for its unique floral-fruity aroma and distinct copper hue. Darjeeling black tea’s unique flavor and taste are credited to the favorable Himalayan climate that makes this hill town host the maximum number of tea estates and tea manufacturing units in the country. Dalmia Gold is one such leading brand in India that offers a supreme blend of aromatic CTC tea crafted from the authentic tea leaves sourced from the garden of Darjeeling and Assam.

Featuring the following reasons below behind the evergreen popularity of Darjeeling CTC tea

Natural environment: The perfect cool Himalayan climate and high altitude elevation provide the perfect ambiance for the cultivation of Darjeeling tea. The distinct elevation of the Himalayas offers a mix of different temperatures and UV exposure that give the leaves their distinct aroma, taste, and color. All these unique factors have contributed significantly to classifying Darjeeling tea as the first choice of a tea connoisseur. 

Intricate manufacturing process: Darjeeling black tea blends are harvested in 3 seasons or flushes and in each flush the taste and color of the tea alters. Black tea in the first flush has a mild astringency, and the flavor grows stronger in the following flushes. This 3 step flush produces the most complex blend of Darjeeling tea that makes it rare and hence expensive.

Mode of production: Darjeeling tea is still produced in the most orthodox manner preferably manually to preserve and enhance its legacy. However, to meet the spiking demand for Darjeeling CTC tea, manufacturers are producing extensive batches of tea in a mechanized process, that somewhat belittles the essence and taste of commercial Darjeeling tea available in the market.

Besides, there are certain factors that determine the grade of Darjeeling tea, such as

  • Twist of the leaves
  • Time and mode of plucking (orthodox tea leaves are delicately hand-plucked to avoid tearing and damaging the leaves and buds)
  • Manufacturing process, whether manual or mechanized
  • Origin


Where to buy the best quality Darjeeling CTC tea?

Buying tea is an evergreen fascination for refined tea lovers. Keeping in mind the changing preference of Indian tea drinkers, makers are offering a wide range of CTC choices. But, here is the caution. Most commercial tea brands offer different content contrary to the packaging details, which are laced with artificial flavors and additives. 

While you generally have a myriad of options to choose from among the commercially available CTC brands, only a fewer brands like Dalmia Gold has managed to offer premium-grade Darjeeling CTC tea that smells and tastes exhilarating. Dalmia Gold offers supreme quality CTC blends in various categories such as classic CTC tea, premium CTC tea, and Qutub Minar premium CTC tea, processed from the authentic tea leaves of Darjeeling. 

Dalmia Gold’s premium Darjeeling CTC blend tastes enriching and smells exotic because of more authenticity and no artificial flavor and additives. To buy supreme quality CTC tea, browse through the choices at Dalmia Gold and bag the best quality tea at a reasonable price range.

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