8 Reasons to Drink Green Tea during the summer | Dalmia Gold

8 Reasons to Drink Green Tea during the summer | Dalmia Gold

Sipping on a cup of green tea needs no special reason or occasion. If you can’t imagine starting your day without a cup of steaming green tea, you have made a healthy switch to a healthier you. While this warm olive green elixir is a staple health beverage for every season throughout the year, having it with a little variation during the summer is a great way to rejuvenate your tired soul and mind.

While the scorching heat and extreme humidity of Indian summer are enough to make tea lovers replace their favorite hot beverage with a soothing solution, green tea comes as the immediate rescue in the scene. You can enjoy various tastier and more soothing variations of green tea in the summer to stay caffeinated and relaxed if you know how to do it the pro way. Here are some potential benefits of drinking green tea in the scorching days of Indian summer.

1. Morning booster: Having green tea for breakfast after a morning workout is a great way to relax your stressed muscles and gain day-long reserve energy. The summer mornings can be extremely tiring for the commuters as the sun shows up a bit early and chilled green tea is the perfect travel companion to stay fresh, hydrated, and active all day long.

2. A potent detoxifier: Do you know excess toxin accumulation in the body is the excess body baggage you are carrying? And this extra load is enough to trigger your uneasiness and exhaustion under extreme heat which can be reduced with regular consumption of green tea in moderation. Because of its potent plant compounds and anti-oxidants, green tea acts as a potent detoxifying beverage. Its regular consumption makes you feel lighter and better.

3. Aids digestion: Uneasiness and bowel trouble due to indigestion is one serious summer problem to make your entire day go waste. But with moderate consumption of green tea throughout the day you can soothe stomach upset and boost digestion.

4. Icy green tea for relaxation: Having icy green tea during the scorching summer is a sure-shot way to chill and rejuvenate. You can make your own soothing potion of chilled green tea by brewing matcha and popping in some cubes of ice to enjoy by the poolside and at home.

5. Boosting immunity: Humid summer means the increasing intensity of bacterial infections and flu. Hence it’s very important to boost your immunity to stay unaffected by infections by drinking green tea which is rich in antioxidants and potent plant compounds.

6. Natural sunscreen: Having green tea in summer is the safest way to protect your skin’s texture and radiance from the harmful UV. Premium quality green tea leaves contain catechin that absorbs UV rays and protects your skin from early aging and sunspots.

7. Green tea face pack: Besides drinking, you also make the best use of green tea by applying it as a calming and cooling face pack during summer. This is an extremely beneficial face pack to gain glowing, blemish-free, and refreshing skin during the scorching summer.

8. Improves cardiac health: Summer is the time when heat stroke and palpitation are also on the rise. Having green tea aids in keeping blood pressure under control and reduces bad cholesterol.

To churn the maximum benefits of green tea during summer, buy premium quality Dalmia Gold green tea packed with all the natural goodness, and that too at a reasonable price range from the nearest store and online.

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