Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy consists of privacy objectives, guidelines and management of Dalmia Tea Packaging (P) Ltd. It applies to all the employees and associates of the company and is meant for the benefit of all the users of the site. This website has been encrypted by a secure socket layer or SSL certificate. Thus, the company guarantees secure communication between the user and the server and encryption of personal data provided by users.

Personal Information

User’s personal information includes personal details like name, address, phone number and email ID along with sensitive data like passwords, bank account details and debit/credit card details. This site provides protection of personal, restricted, sensitive or confidential data from malware attacks, theft and breaches, thereby avoiding any reputational damage or adverse impacts on users.

Personal details about the user are collected for the purpose of delivering orders and may also be used for marketing purposes. The site does not provide this information to any other third-party sites or authorities unless and until enforced by law.

Sensitive data like passwords, bank account details and credit/debit card details are not held by the website. All bank or debit/credit card details entered for making payments go through a secure payment gateway to enable a smooth transaction.


    Cookies are tracking mechanisms that collect user information regarding the usage and navigation of the website. Details like the user’s IP address, browser and device are collected automatically and may be used to analyse website traffic. All the information collected through cookies may also be used for marketing purposes by the company.

    The site does not share this information with any third-party websites or authorities under any circumstances what so ever. All the data collected automatically through cookies is secure from breaches, malware attacks and theft.

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