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3 best tea brands to dominate the consumer’s choice in 2022 | Dalmia Gold

3 best tea brands to dominate the consumer’s choice in 2022 | Dalmia Gold

Tea is undoubtedly India’s undisputed national beverage and is an irreplaceable morning booster for tea addicts. From energizing your mornings to being your ultimate mood buster in every dull moment and grand occasion, nothing is more fulfilling than a cup of steaming flavorsome tea. As the 2nd largest tea producer, India has some of the best tea brands, dominating the consumer’s preference since their inception. While the market is brimming with a wide range of old and new brands, claiming to meet your refined taste, the confusion of choosing the best blend is undoubtedly the real struggle.

Whether you are buying tea from the local stores or online, you must learn the art of unfurling your senses to select the perfect blend. To put it simply, buying tea is also an art like processing tea. So, while picking the tea pack from the store shelf, mind the factors below

• Stick to only the popular brands in the market to ensure you get the perfect blend from the best makers. While buying tea, you will find many new tea makers confusing your taste with attractive packaging and lucrative gimmicks. This is why we suggest you to buy tea only from premium brands for maximum perfection in taste, color, and flavor.

• Read the packaging minutely for composition and tea leaf details to know what are you paying for. This is a crucial part of packaged tea selection as you don’t have the option to judge the quality of tea with your sense.

• Be specific with your choice of tea, whether you want to buy CTC tea, black tea, green tea, herbal, or dust tea. This will help you to sort your selection from the best brands. Keeping in mind the dynamic consumer taste and preference, leading tea brands like Dalmia Gold offers a wide assortment of tea in various flavors, price, and sizes.

• While buying tea leaves read the label carefully to find the packaging and expiration date. If you want your cup of steaming tea to smell fantastic, mind the packaging and expiration date to ensure your tea is from the freshly packed batch. If your tea smells and tastes pale then probably the content is expired.

• Lastly, price is the ultimate factor that can influence your purchasing decision. To buy the finest quality tea you might have to pay a few bucks extra than the commercial tea but is worth the mind-blowing flavor and taste you are looking for.

• Make sure the tea is sourced from the country’s best tea-producing regions like Darjeeling, Dooars, and Assam to experience authentic flavor and taste brewed directly into your cup.

Now that you know the tricks select quality tea, here is our exclusive list of the best tea brands that you must try today.

Dalmia Gold Tea is a premium tea brand exuding its enriching legacy for more than 40 years. This leading tea manufacturing brand offers a wide category of finest quality tea like CTC teaflavored teadust tea, and green tea sourced from the elite gardens of top tea-producing destinations. From plucking the delicate buds and leaves to processing, every step of tea making is done with great precision, care and expertise. You can buy your choice of Dalmia Gold blend from the nearest store and the leading e-commerce sites at an unbelievable price range.

Brooke Bond is one of the reputed tea brands in India offering a wide range of tea variants in classic taste and aroma.

Wagh Bakri tea is one of the oldest tea brands that offer the finest blend sourced from Assam’s sprawling tea garden.

So, next time while buying tea, consider our tips and recommendations to get your perfect blend for uncompromising perfection in every sip.

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