Reading Different Types of Indian Tea You Must Try | Dalmia Gold

Different Types of Indian Tea You Must Try | Dalmia Gold

Different Types of Indian Tea You Must Try | Dalmia Gold

Tea is one of the oldest and most relishing hot beverages of all time prevalently consumed all over the globe. India alone houses a number of tea varieties that are sourced across some of the most prominent tea-growing regions like Assam, Darjeeling, and Dooars. Tea is the only medium in India to host roadside gatherings and spark and continue endless conversation even with strangers at parties and functions. A day without tea feels like a day wasted for tea-addict Indians and this is the reason that leads to various versions and fusion of tea as a treat to our dynamic taste buds. So, here I am listing down different types of Indian tea you must try.

Plain black tea:

A cup of mildly brew plain black tea, also popularly known as liquor tea is the go-to Indian tea version. The tea is mostly preferred in its original form for its mild enriching aroma and taste when brewed with the highest quality whole-leaf tea.

Milk tea:

Indians love the beige tone milk tea which is popular across the country and is available in every small or big tea stall. You can also make yourself a cup of perfect milk tea with the right amount of strong-flavored CTC tea and an equal amount of milk (liquid/powdered) and sugar as per taste. Milk tea when brewed with the highest quality CTC leaves tastes and smells heavenly.

Masala tea:

Masala tea is an all-time hot favorite among Indians and is the go-to therapeutic tea against mild flu, instant energy boost, and cough and cold. Adding various regional spices and herbs in plain black tea and sprinkling some black pepper powder after straining and you have your steaming cup of masala black tea ready. You can easily make masala tea by brewing premium quality Dalmia Gold CTC tea with your choice of spice or herbs and relish your senses with a mild aroma.

Green tea:

The new tea habit of fitness-conscious Indians, who like to have a detoxifying boost without sugar. While the commercial green tea on the retail shelves is laden with artificial color and additives, only a few trusted brands in the Indian market like Dalmia Gold offers premium quality and 100% authentic green tea harvested from the highest quality tea leaves of the Dooars and Darjeeling.


Butter tea:

This is another version of highly popular tea, also known as Gur chai. The tea is extremely consumed in Ladakh and Sikkim and is made by brewing tea leaves with yak milk butter, salt, and water. You can make your yummy version at home using plain salted butter.


Gulabi chai/noon chai:

A traditional tea from Kashmir, is made of brewing green tea leave, milk, baking soda, cardamom, and salt. The tea is high in vitamin C and helps in boosting immunity and aids in weight loss.

Kashmiri Kahwa tea:

Kahwa means “sweetened tea” which originated in Kashmir, and is made by brewing green tea leaves with cardamom, cinnamon, saffron and Kashmiri rose petals. A single cup of Kahwa tea keeps you rejuvenated the whole day and improves your digestive system.

No matter which Indian tea types have swooned you over, to make the best version at home you need only premium-grade Dalmia Gold blends to experience the rich taste of authentic Indian tea at home.

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