Reading The Perfect Cuppa Masala Chai – The Blend of Taste and Health | Dalmia Gold

The Perfect Cuppa Masala Chai – The Blend of Taste and Health | Dalmia Gold

The Perfect Cuppa Masala Chai – The Blend of Taste and Health | Dalmia Gold
Masala tea is a popular brew in India, thanks to its taste and aroma. Visit any nook and corner, or any street of the country, and you will be treated with the distinct aroma of freshly brewed masala black tea. We, at Dalmia Gold Tea, keep in mind that the leaves are rightly crushed, torn and curled to achieve and retain the taste and flavour.

While green tea and black tea have their own health benefits along with their distinct aromas, nothing really beats the popularity of a cup of strong masala black tea. The origin of masala chai is not traced back, but the drink reached its popularity during the British era. Over the decades, this warm soothing beverage made its own space with the addition of right spices, with each having their own benefits.

Here is how masala chai can be beneficial to your health:

  1. Digestive System Is Improved

Masala black tea is effective in regulating digestive system and keeping the gut healthy. Spices like ginger and black pepper help produce digestive enzymes that work to speed up the digestive processes by breaking down fats and proteins.

  1. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Spices like cloves and ginger in masala black tea helps to relieve aches and pains by increased circulations that delivers oxygen-rich blood cells to areas experiencing pain and hence ease the symptoms.

  1. Treats Nausea and Common Cold

It has ginger as a popular ingredient that help to alleviate nausea, especially during pregnancy. It also treats multiple common ailments like common cold, sneezing, and sore throat.

  1. Improved Heart Health

Cinnamon in masala black tea is a great spice that helps to lower the bad cholesterol and blood pressure. It is known to improve overall heart health and keeps your breathing normal.

  1. Increases Energy Levels

The main ingredient is black tea, which contains caffeine in high amount. Caffeine naturally boosts the energy level, and at the same time the other spices balance out the side effects.

A cup of masala black tea works wonders – not just to your health, but also to your taste buds. Make sure to buy from trusted brands like Dalmia Gold Tea to ensure the benefits to its fullest.

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