Major health benefits of drinking tea and honey together

Major health benefits of drinking tea and honey together

The current trend of healthy eating and drinking has cut down the inclusion of white sugar for all right reasons. Health freaks have found healthy ways to enhance the taste and benefits of tea by replacing sugar with honey as a natural sweetener. Honey is known for its rewarding health benefits as the powerhouse of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial agents and when mixed with a regular cup of tea helps in boosting your immunity and keeps your cough and cold at bay.

To reap the major benefits of tea with honey choose the best type of tea preferably green tea over regular CTC tea and experience the double health-boosting benefits of this elixir. But, the only condition here is both honey and tea must be of superior quality so you can churn the unadulterated benefits of tea and honey. This is why we recommend buying tea from a premium brand like Dalmia Gold which offers authentic green tea blends infused with all the goodness. 

What are the benefits of honey?

There are 320 varieties of honey available all over the world in different flavors and tastes. Unadulterated pure honey is excellent for the relief you from soaring throats and coughs and is effective to soothe burns and heal wounds. Regular consumption of honey may also keep cancer, ulcer, and fungal infections at bay.

Is honey good with green tea? 

Both green tea and honey are a powerhouse of potential antioxidants and essential compounds that keep you healthy and glowing inside out. Since green tea has a distinct bitter taste, people prefer adding some kind of sweetener to enhance its taste. But adding white sugar minimizes the goodness of green tea ruining your aim to meet fitness goals. As honey contains fructose and glucose, it can be added to tea as the healthiest replacement for sugar.

If you are on a fitness journey, don’t sacrifice your love for tea to avoid sugar. Instead, make tea as one of your health means to cut down fat by adding honey to your cup of steaming tea. Having tea with honey keeps you energized for the rest of the day while perfectly meeting your aim to achieve an envying physique.

What are the major benefits of having honey with tea?

Adding a teaspoon of honey to tea benefits your health in different ways such as:

  • Eliminating nausea: Honey when mixed with tea and ginger helps in eliminating nausea, and stomach upset. 
  • Tea and honey combination is also a natural painkiller since honey and green tea both are high in anti-inflammatory compounds. Daily drinking of steaming green tea with honey relieves joint pains and inflammation.
  • Honey with tea is also a great combination for women to have in improving bone and muscle health.
  • Infusion of honey in green tea helps in flushing out toxins and helps in renewing skin cells and eliminating free toxin radicals. 
  • Tea with honey also helps in boosting brain function 

Easy tips to make tea with honey:

  • Brew a cup of water with Dalmia Gold green tea
  • Let it rest for 2 mins and then add a teaspoon of honey and give a good stir
  • Your healthy cup of tea with honey is ready to serve

To reap the maximum benefits of tea with honey, buy Dalmia Gold green tea and embrace a healthy tea habit every day.

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