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5 Healthy Ingredients To Add To Your Green Tea For Flavor | Dalmia Gold

5 Healthy Ingredients To Add To Your Green Tea For Flavor | Dalmia Gold

A cup of green tea is anytime a quick fix to your drooping mood. This olive green beverage is now one of the most popular categories of healthy tea for its abundance of antioxidants and potent plant compounds. From weight loss to detoxifying system, daily consumption of a cup of green tea is enough to keep you fit and healthy inside out. However, the said miraculous effect of green tea that you see in commercials or magazines is possible only with the consumption of authentic green tea processed in conventional methods. Most commercially available green tea in the market is loaded with artificial color and additives that hardly meets any of your health requirements.


Pro-tip to brew a cup of healthy tea:

To reap unlimited benefits of green tea, buy only unadulterated premium quality green tea from a premium tea brand like Dalmia Gold.

Flavored green tea available in the market is better to be avoided as it might taste and smell good but has harmful ingredients that do more harm than any good on prolonged consumption. So besides buying premium quality green tea, you can add a healthy twist to its flavor and taste with 5 easily available ingredients.

Mint: Also commonly known as pudina, adding mint to a cup of green tea during summer is your ultimate shot of instant refreshment. Besides the calming aroma of mint, the herb is a powerhouse of phytonutrients, phosphorous, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and B-complex that aids in healing a myriad of health ailments including bowel syndrome in the summers. Sipping a cup of green tea infused with mint is a proven way to cure hammering headaches, nausea, and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Honey: Though green tea is mostly recommended to have without sugar for maximum benefits, you can add a natural sweetener like natural honey for a healthy twist. Having green tea with honey first thing in the morning saves you from the risks of cardiac attack, and stroke and slows down your aging. Honey aids in quick weight loss and so is a perfect companion for fitness enthusiasts.

Lemon: Are you prone to quick colds and allergies? Adding a dash of fresh lime to a cup of green tea enhances the vitamin C and antioxidant contents of your body which boosts your immunity. Having green tea with lemon refreshes your mind and body.

Tulsi/basil: Another healthy twist to add to green tea is holy basil or tulsi, which is packed with antioxidants, and anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Having tulsi-infused green tea is a sure shot way to stay safe from seasonal flu and infections. Besides relieving from cough and cold, and symptoms of asthma, tulsi-infused green tea also helps in regulating blood sugar and a myriad of health problems.

Ginger: While the popularity of ginger tea needs no introduction, adding ginger to green tea doubles its benefits and aids in curing cough and congestion. Sipping on a cup of ginger-infused green tea right after breakfast keeps you energetic all day long.

Now make every cup of green tea interesting, tasty, and flavor-rich with the above healthy ingredients, easily available on your kitchen shelf and garden. Head to Dalmia Gold to buy premium quality green tea at the best market price.

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