Tips to Buy Green Tea in India

Tips to Buy Green Tea in India

While green tea has become a popular beverage for health enthusiasts because of its myriad of health benefits, buying genuine quality tea is a challenge owing to the brimming number of brands both online and offline. Every brand claims to offer the best as featured on the label to grab buyer’s attention but consumers are mostly unaware of the quality and effectiveness of the content inside. And when it comes to green tea, most people consume it as a healthy alternative to staying caffeinated without compromising on health parameters. If you also love to indulge in the refreshing sip of green tea, it’s time to sort your choice and preferences like an informed buyer to get only quality green tea from the best brand.

Whether you prefer to get your green tea online or offline, here are certain tips you must follow to get uncompromised quality tea from the best tea brands in the market. 

GREEN confirms QUALITY: The best quality green tea is actually green in color as it does not go through the oxidation process like black tea which goes through the extensive process of curl, tearing, and crushing. Since the chlorophyll remains intact, it lends the leaves that distinct green color. Less oxidation and greener color make green tea packed with antioxidants and beneficial plant compounds that make the tea the no.1 choice for health and fitness enthusiasts. 

Mind the origin of green tea: The best quality green tea must be sourced from the most popular green tea-producing regions in the country or abroad. In India, the finest quality authentic green tea is sourced from the emerald green gardens of the Dooars and Darjeeling while China is the largest producer of premium-grade green tea laced with authentic flavors and taste. So, while buying green tea, read the label carefully to confirm its origin and do some research online and offline to get your facts right.

Whole leaves are the best: While buying green tea, always buy whole green leaves than choosing the tea bags. Organic green tea is processed from tender whole tea leaves that enhance the taste and flavor of every sip. To reap the maximum benefits of green tea, make sure you select whole leaves that are packed with essential plant compounds and antioxidants. If you want to buy the best quality green tea for health and fitness, whole-leaf green tea is the best.

Smell to confirm quality: Genuine quality whole green tea leaves smell like fresh grass which also confirms the distinct bitter taste, marking the authenticity of the tea. But, in commercial green tea packs, it is almost impossible for the buyers to measure all these factors. Hence it is recommended to get authentic green tea from a reputed maker like Dalmia Gold offering a supreme blend of green tea crafted from whole leaves, direct from the garden of Dooars and Darjeeling. Dalmia Gold green tea smells amazing and tastes great in every sip.

These are some of our exclusive tips to source the best quality green tea from the best tea brand among other brimming options in the market. For best results, buy a pack of premium quality green tea from Dalmia Gold, India’s best-selling tea brand through four glorious decades.

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