8 Tips to choose perfect Green Tea

8 Tips to choose perfect Green Tea

Green tea is considered the healthiest type of tea as a powerhouse of antioxidants and detoxifying properties. Health enthusiasts have replaced the conventional cup of black tea with this olive green elixir to promote and support various health functions and detoxify the system from the inside out. Being the least processed, green tea is rich in polyphenols and certain plant compounds and low in caffeine. Because of such unique properties and a plethora of health benefits, green tea has become a superfood and a staple in a healthy lifestyle.

However, the brimming range of brands offering green tea is enough to confuse the buyers who are choosy in getting the right blend for maximum benefits. With so many choices online at their fingertips, consumers often get the wrong green tea on being duped by the attractive packaging and tall claims.

So, put your confusion to rest, and take some cues from our exclusive tips to buy the perfect green tea.

  • Make sure to buy green tea from a reputed brand like Dalmia Gold for maximum quality assurance and taste. Dalmia Gold offers premium-grade green tea of authentic flavor and taste without any artificial additives and colors and at a reasonable price range.
  • If you are buying green tea from the nearest retail store, make the best use of your 5 senses to lock the authenticity of green tea. Best-quality green tea leaves will appear bright and vibrant in color and the leaves will be whole and unbroken.
  • Premium-grade green tea smells like fresh grass with a pleasant aroma, while the old batch smells musty and stale.
  • Premium-grade green tea is mostly heavier in price since the entire process is mostly manual and intricately processed. Whereas, low-quality tea is cheaper and there are many brands in the market to offer compromised-quality green tea with hardly any advantages.
  • Authentic green tea is actually green in color. While buying green tea, make sure the leaves are whole, unbroken, and slightly greenish than fresh green color. Authentic leaves will unfurl after brewing and get back to their original olive color.
  • Always buy green tea sourced from places famously producing and harvesting green tea for ages. Dalmia Gold green tea is sourced from the authentic tea leaves of Dooars, Darjeeling, and Assam- the famous tea-producing regions in the country.
  • Tea bags are hands down convenient but buying green tea bags hardly have any benefits to your health. These tea bags mostly have tea dust and fanning and so are stripped of all the essential plant compounds. This is also one of the reasons green tea derived from tea bags lacks the flavor and taste of whole leaves of green tea.
  • Mind the manufacturing date as well while buying green tea. Authentic green tea has a shelf life of a maximum of 6 months; post which it will lose its distinct taste and flavor. So if you read any pack with a shelf label of more than a year, then it is surely loaded with additives and preservatives.

Got your guide to getting the perfect green tea pack? Now be an informed consumer and buy green tea only from a premium brand like Dalmia Gold, a pioneering Indian brand that offers a wide range of enriching tea blends.

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