Benefits Of Having Elachi Tea | Dalmia Gold

Benefits Of Having Elachi Tea | Dalmia Gold
Love the flavor of elachi/ cardamom in your tea? You are not alone.  Cardamom tea is one of the best-selling products and is a beverage loved by all generations. There are quite a few tea companies in West Bengal like Dalmia Gold tea that sell premium quality elachi tea.

Cardamom tea usually is prepared by boiling crushed cardamom seeds, an aromatic spice in water, and is sometimes available with tea leaves. This tea has high therapeutic value.

Elachi tea has essential phenolic acids and sterols and is an antioxidant. It is also considered to have anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, anticancer, antidiabetic, antihypertensive, antimicrobial, and diuretic effects on your body.

Benefits Of Cardamom Tea

There are a lot of benefits of cardamom tea. Here are some of them.

1. Digestive Aid
Having a small cup of herbal tea including elachi tea post meals is a good habit as it helps in digestion and the right assimilation of the ingested food. It prevents flatulence after a heavy meal by stimulating gastric acid secretion.
For those who feel nauseous, cardamom tea can be a great thing to lay your hands on. Also, it treats constipation and stomach cramps.

2. Keeps Heart Healthy
Cardamom tea is packed with antioxidants which can aid to reduce the free radicals that cause hypertension. The flavonoids present in cardamom tea prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. Regular drinking of tea can help maintain heart health and protect you from cardiovascular diseases.

3. Effective Against Flu
The tea has high levels of polyalcohols, sterols, and vitamins A and C which makes it antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and boosts immunity. Cardamom tea can be extremely helpful for sore throat and dry cough.

4. Powerful Anti-inflammatory Agent
Inflammation can be caused due to many diseases. It can happen due to chronic arthritis to the acute common cold. Including cardamom tea in your diet can be the easiest and simplest precaution to safeguard your health.

5. Skin Care Expert
Impure blood with free radicals can pop up pimples, rashes, acne, psoriasis including uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and other skin problems. Having a cup of elachi tea can help you. The Flavonoids in the tea are potent antioxidants that scavenge the free radicals in your blood.

6. Good for oral health
Cardamom tea is also a great choice for promoting oral health. It minimizes bacterial growth in your mouth. Hence, the chances of getting dental caries get reduced. Even if you have caries, drinking cardamom tea can neutralize this bacteria and combat cavities and plaque buildup. Its antibacterial properties also heal halitosis---commonly known as bad breath.

7. May help you quit smoking
If you are struggling to stop your bad habit of smoking, elaichitea can be a great bet. According to several research studies, the potential of cardamom to facilitate nicotine withdrawal is significant. Results indicate that baked apple cardamoms and vanilla are immensely productive in minimizing nicotine withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, tension, and dysphoria.

How to make elaichi tea?

Preparing cardamom tea isn’t a big deal if you follow the steps:

A. Take 1 cup of water, tea leaves, cardamom, and sugar
Initially, you have to gather all the necessary ingredients like cardamom, sugar, tea leaves, and a cup of water.

B. Mix them well and boil on a medium flame for 4 minutes
After taking one cup of water, put tea leaves, cardamom, and sugar in it and boil the water for 3-4 minutes.

C. Now, pour the milk, blend well, and boil on a medium flame for 4-5 minutes while stirring the mixture occasionally
Now, add the milk into the mixture and boil the same for 4-5 minutes on a medium flame.

D. Serve elaichi tea instantly
Your savory cardamom tea is now ready! So, be ready to delve into its delight.

Tips for brewing cardamom tea

No matter whether you use black cardamom powder or green cardamom pods, the below tips will ensure you make the perfect elaichi tea that caters to your taste:

  • Always use top-quality ingredients to seep the best flavor and maximize health benefits.
  • Ensure that your cardamom tea uses only spring, filtered, or pure water. Don’t use tap water or distilled water as they contain chemicals and will alter the taste.
  • Cardamom tea goes hand in hand with black tea leaves.
  • Those who are looking for a less caffeinated option may choose cardamom pods with green tea.
  • Cardamom tea has spicy notes that pair well with coconut or dairy milk. You can sweeten it by adding a cinnamon stick or honey.

Elaichi tea price

If you are a cardamom tea lover, you can definitely have it without spending much. Generally, standard elaichi tea costs between Rs.80-90 wherever you go. The price will increase if you want additional flavors in it.

Wrapping Up

Elaichitea is a delectable delight if prepared in the right fashion. It complements sweet dishes and you can also take it with desserts after a spicy treat. Besides the tasty quotient, cardamom tea also has various health benefits that make you look and feel healthy on the go.

Adding fresh cardamom to the tea will have various positive consequences for your health. Else, you can buy elaichi tea from a reputed tea company in West Bengal like Dalmia Gold which makes you indulge in appetizing affairs.

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