Health benefits of Cardamom tea | Dalmia Gold

Health benefits of Cardamom tea | Dalmia Gold

Cardamom is a flavouring agent that is widely used in Indian cuisine. Cardamom tea is a sweet flavored milk tea used in Asia and the Middle East as an herbal remedy. Its anti-inflammatory properties protect heart health and also act as a refreshing mood booster.


Benefits of Cardamom Tea

Cardamom tea is also called masala chai. Brands like Dalmia Gold tea, a tea company in West Bengal come up with this aromatic tea. The sweet aroma of the cardamom makes the tea absolutely flavoursome. Cardamom has multiple health benefits when consumed regularly. Here are some of them:


1. Aids Weight Loss

Cardamom tea as per some research is said to accelerate weight loss by aiding the body's digestive processes. Cardamom helps to prevent fat accumulation in the body while helping the liver process waste quickly.

A study published in the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders found that cardamom consumption increased insulin sensitivity and decreased bad LDL cholesterol so it can be great for patients with diabetes.


2. Oral Health

Cardamom tea helps protect dental health. The antibacterial properties of cardamom effectively treat halitosis or bad breath. Cardamom keeps the mouth bacteria-free all day long.


3. May Help Quit Smoking

Research showed that cardamom can aid nicotine withdrawal. So, if you want to quit smoking you can surely try cardamom tea.


4. Boosts Immune System

Cardamom tea, just like other herbal teas, is said to treat and prevent the common cold and flu as it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that fight infection.


5. Keeps Heart Healthy

Cardamom contains a good amount of potassium which is good for heart health. Potassium decreases inflammation and balances pressure on arteries and blood vessels. This means that drinking cardamom tea can lower high blood pressure and improve blood circulation.


6. Helps in Digestion

Cardamom tea aids in digestion and prevents bloating.

Drinking cardamom tea after or while having food is great for digestion. Some research also shows that this tea is beneficial for those who have irritable bowel syndrome. So, if you like masala chai then you will love elaichi or cardamom tea from the best tea company in West Bengal, Dalmia Gold tea. Order now to taste the difference!

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