Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom Tea You Must Know | Dalmia Gold

Amazing Health Benefits of Cardamom Tea You Must Know | Dalmia Gold
Tea is a much-loved beverage around the world, and it holds a special spot in our hearts for all the right reasons. However, we might be consuming food and drinks without knowing their benefits or contributions in keeping us healthy. Like many of us consume elaichi tea without knowing its benefits. Not anymore, there is a reason why cardamom finds a special place in our cookbooks; so, check out the amazing health benefits of drinking cardamom tea.

  1. Improves blood circulation and protects against heart diseases
Cardamom is rich in antioxidants, linalool, pinene, and other phenolic compounds that help in lowering hypertension. Keeps the blood vessels dilated. This results in smooth blood circulation, maintenance of heart health, and protection against any cardiovascular diseases.

  1. It is good for digestion
Having a cup of herbal tea is a good choice after meals. Adding some cardamom seeds to the brew will not just enhance the flavors but activate the beneficial properties of the tea. It helps in the digestion and assimilation of the ingested food preventing indigestion of any kind.

  1. Boosts immunity and fights flu
Cardamom tea is high in vitamin A and C, it also has a high level of sterols, and polyalcohol, which makes the tea an antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial drink. When someone goes through a sore throat or dry cough, doctors advise taking cardamom as a home remedy to boost immunity.

  1. Serves as a detox drink
A nice brew of tea with cardamom seeds can flush out waste circulating into bloodstreams. Cardamom tea has essential terpenes like sabinene, limonene, carene, along with polyalcohol like linalool, verbenol, geraniol, these properties help in boosting immunity and serves as a good detox drink.

  1. Solves bad breath and dental problems
Some unattended oral hygiene can cause bad breath. Chewing cardamom seeds directly or brewing them in tea can fight bad breath and solve oral problems to improve dental health.

Cardamom is also known as the queen of spices and is extensively used in making refreshing drinks around the world. It is mixed with tea leaves to create an amazing beverage. Elaichi tea is one of the specialties of Dalmia Gold. The company has pioneered teahouses in Eastern India and fulfills the customer demand of procuring varieties of tea. You can find some of its other flavors at Dalmia Gold , the company delivers various flavors of tea to distributors across the country.

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