Health benefits of Cardamom tea | Dalmia Gold Reading Popular flavored tea in the Indian market you must try | Dalmia Gold

Popular flavored tea in the Indian market you must try | Dalmia Gold

Popular flavored tea in the Indian market you must try | Dalmia Gold

The unbeatable bond between Indians and tea as our go-to anytime refreshment drink needs no special mention. While the obsession with masala chai and milk tea is still the hot favorite amongst tea lovers, the soaring market demand for flavored tea is a noteworthy trend. From roadside tea stalls to coffee shops, every business is serving different types of flavored tea to offer a cuppa full of steaming unique taste and aroma that you have never experienced before.

Keeping in mind the refined taste of Indian tea consumers, various tea makers have launched their own line of flavored tea, the flavor that vanished due to excessive manipulation of tea leaves and the use of artificial flavor and additives. This is why we recommend choosing your pack of flavored tea only from premium brands that offer 100% the same as mentioned on the packaging.


Let’s have a look at some of the most popular flavored tea in the Indian market:-


  1. Gracing the top is the most popular spicy flavored tea Indians are addicted to. To offer the chai lovers real flavor-packed tea, Dalmia Gold has launched its hottest selling pack of elaichi (cardamom) flavored tea that is sure to win over your senses with its authentic mild spicy aroma and delighting taste. This premium pack of elaichi flavorful tea is a supreme blend of high-quality CTC leaves and a mix of natural cardamom.

The best part of this premium cardamom tea is the reasonable pricing that makes it the dearest flavored-packed tea for Indian tea lovers.


  1. Premium CTC tea: The most commonly available commercial tea pack you will find on every Indian kitchen shelf has the most enriching distinct flavor that no average tea brand can offer. Only premium quality CTC leaves that are processed from the whole leaf tea of Darjeeling and Assam oozes an enriching aroma that doubles after brewing.


  1. Refreshing green tea aroma

If you are a serious fitness freak, then sure you are concerned about the quality of green tea to meet your fitness goals. But, does your morning cuppa of green tea smells grassy and fresh? If not, then are having artificial-flavored green tea that offers no significant benefits to your health needs. So, try Dalmia Gold green tea packed with all the goodness and distinct gassy flavor that confirms its purity. 


While these are the primary authentic flavored tea, other popular flavors to swoon over the Indian tea lovers are:- 

Lemon tea: This is an extremely popular flavor as a refreshment drink to energize your soul and mind. All you need is to brew a teaspoon full of premium quality CTC tea and add a dash of lemon juice as per your taste with a pinch of black pepper to enhance its taste and aroma. It is extremely good for digestive ailments.

Ginger tea: Another widely consumed spicy-flavored tea amongst Indians is ginger-flavored tea. Just brew premium quality tea along with ground ginger to get a flavorful cup of steaming ginger tea. This is our age-old tried remedy to fight cough and cold.

Mint iced tea: This chilled drink is the best summer shot to stay cool amidst the unbearable Indian summer. Made from brewing and cooling premium quality tea leaves with mint leaves and lemon soothing drink is definitely a must-try.

Can’t replace the enriching elaichi flavor for anything else? Try Dalmia Gold’s premium pack of elaichi-flavored tea to enjoy mind-boggling cardamom magic in every pack.

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