7 quick tips to select authentic green tea from the best brands | Dalmia Gold

7 quick tips to select authentic green tea from the best brands | Dalmia Gold

With the buzzing concern for fitness and the urge to feel lite and healthy inside out, authentic green tea is rapidly replacing the conventional commercial tea. If you have dedicated your fitness and health goals to a cup of refreshing green, this informative read will help you select the finest quality olive-green elixir.

As a powerhouse of antioxidants and several therapeutical properties, green tea is considered a power drink, suitable for all age groups. However, if you want to reap maximum benefits, drink it in moderation, atleast 8 cups in a day would suffice. While you might be confidently having green tea a few times a day from a popular brand, you are unknowingly missing certain factors that can put your fitness goal and health at stake. So, next time before picking the green tea pack from the store shelf, or ordering online, mind the thumb rules below to buy the best quality green tea.


  • While looking for the finest quality green tea in the market, always consider the premium tea brands like Dalmia Gold Tea whether you are shopping online or offline. Keeping in mind the rising fitness and health awareness, the brand has launched premium quality green tea crafted from the orthodox leaves sourced straight from the gardens of Dooars, Assam, and Darjeeling. 
  • When you visit the nearest store to buy green tea, check yourself if the leaves look a few shades lighter green but not blackish. Authentic green tea doesn't go through oxidation, unlike CTC, to maintain the chlorophyll and natural compounds level. To simply put, organic green tea must be green when packed and after brewing.
  • Go for the whole leaf green tea over the tea bags. Whole leaves guarantee maximum flavor and that distinct taste that you will find missing in commercial green tea.


Bonus Tip: After brewing authentic green tea, you will find the leaves unfurled, back to their original form, but slightly greenish.

  • Avoid the cheapest brands to ensure your green tea is sourced from the finest gardens and is packed with its original properties, flavor, and texture intact. 
  • If you are buying online, zoom the package to check the properties and details of the green tea. As authentic green tea has a maximum shelf life of up to 12 months, don't forget to check the packaging and expiry date for maximum benefits and an enriching tea sipping experience.
  • To ensure your green tea is of the finest quality, read the label minutely to find the origin. Green tea harvested from the top tea-producing regions and countries can be considered of the highest quality. 
  • The price also plays a vital role to determine the quality of green tea. Best quality green tea is always comparatively more expensive than an inferior blend. So, if you want to buy organic green tea, it's definitely going to cost you a bomb more than the compromised quality of commercial green tea.


Now that you know the simple tricks and tips to identify authentic green tea, here are some benefits you can expect from consistent consumption at a moderation level.

  • Achieving thriving health and desirable physique.
  • Improved cardiac health and blood circulation.
  • Complete body detoxification.
  • Prevent oral and colon cancer.
  • Lower the risks of diabetes type 2.
  • Improve your hair and skin health.


However, excessive consumption at the wrong time can also lead to some potent health side-effects

  • Green tea contains a certain amount of caffeine that can trigger your anxiety and insomnia if consumed before bed.
  • Some polyphenolic compounds in green tea can worsen your anemia and drowsiness.
  • Some potent plant compounds in green tea may also affect your bone health by limiting calcium absorption.



Green tea is available in various blends and quality in the market, enough to confuse your buying process. And investing in the wrong tea to save a few bucks means risking all your health and fitness goals. So take some cues from our comprehensive buying guide to make an informed decision while shopping for the best quality green tea next time.

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