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Factors to consider while buying the best quality green tea | Dalmia Gold

Factors to consider while buying the best quality green tea | Dalmia Gold

Green tea has been considered one of the healthiest types of tea for its immense healing properties. There are several brands available in the market that assume to provide the best quality green tea for you. Whether you purchase it online or offline, there is a huge variety of manufacturers in green tea production. So, how do you recognize the required one? What are the factors to consider while buying the best quality green tea?


  • Quality of leaves- Most of the green tea available in the market, is below the standard quality. Because they don’t follow the proper procedure of providing quality tea leaves. After plucking, the tea leaves are steamed, pan-fried, and then dried for final rolling. The whole procedure doesn’t undergo any oxidation. Thus, the chlorophyll remains intact in the leaves. While brewing, a quality green tea product always contains its original green color. Whether most of the other green tea becomes black or brown in this case.


  • The authenticity of the provider- Irrespective of whether you are buying it from an online market or offline store, never forgets to check the trustworthiness of the provider. When you are going to purchase something consumable in the body, it’s necessary to be followed always. With the up-growing e-commerce marketing & globalized business chain, there are a lot of manufacturers claiming to serve the best quality green tea in the market. Never get fooled with eye-catching packaging or attractive free offers. Always keep the focus on the quality, manufacturing procedure, brand’s authenticity, etc.


  • Organic tea leaves- Always try to find out a brand that provides organically grown leaves for making green tea. It’s an alarming note for not only the green tea consumers but for all. Say totally ‘no’ to harmful pesticides. Don’t invite death-calling diseases towards you. But it’s not an easy task because the market is full of chemical intaken, so-called ‘green tea leaves.’ If and only if, we all select to take only organically grown green tea, then the whole chain can be broken. The manufacturers have to go for organically produced tea leaves. A lot of farmers can also get the opportunity to revive financially and produce more amount of organic green tea leaves without any toxic chemical materials for us.


  • Teabags or loose tea leaves- Select carefully. Many people think that loose tea leaves are way healthier than teabags as they directly get connected with the water. On the other hand, a lot of people prefer teabags as being user-friendly usabilities that reduce the tea-making hazards. If you are a teabag preferring person, then you should be very choosy in selecting the brand. When we intake green tea as a teabag form, we think that we are taking a very healthy beverage, but we never assume that the maximum number of green tea providers serve a low-quality teabag. There are many harmful chemicals such as dioxin, petrochemical-based nylon, PVC, rayon, thermoplastic, etc have been used to prepare teabags. You can’t even imagine how poisonous they are while brewed in hot water. Unfortunately, we know the calamities of plastic in our society but we are unaware of the harmful chemicals intaken through these teabags.


  • Check the freshness of the product- Always check the dates of manufacturing and best usage time in the green tea packet. Green tea is such a product that has been grown by someone else, manufactured and packaged by someone other, and delivered to the end-user through several middle suppliers. Thus, the freshness of the tea can be hampered. There is a huge chance of misleading the customers. Some unfaithful vendors put false labels on the packaging and cheat the users. Be aware of it.


These are some of the basic aspects that should be kept in mind for selecting the best quality green tea that will ensure supreme taste, charming aroma as well as effective health benefits in a long run.

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