Right Time To Drink Green Tea | Dalmia Gold

Right Time To Drink Green Tea | Dalmia Gold
Many of you may have the notion that drinking green tea on an empty stomach can help you to gain the benefits. But this is nothing but a myth as green tea as your morning drink may be bad for your liver unknowingly. The presence of good amount of caffeine in this type of tea can lead to dehydration and can stimulate the release of gastric acid causing stomach upset. So, it is not extremely important to drink green tea in the right time of the day. Also before drinking you should check the quality. Whether you are buying green tea online or offline, always choose the premium quality long leaved tea

Between your Meals
If you wish to gain the benefits of antioxidants present in green tea, consume in-between-meals. So, ideally you should consume minimum two hours before and two hours after your meal. Drinking green tea with your meal can decrease the nutrient-intake from your food and can slow down the absorption of iron and vital minerals from food.

Cups to Enjoy
Drinking green tea regularly is beneficial for health, but not more than three to five cups a day. Over consumption of the tea can be harmful to your body and can cause anemia.

Not before going to bed
If you wish to get a good sleep during night avoid consuming green tea before you get on to bed. Green tea is diuretic, and can make you run to the washroom more and disturb your sleep. Have a cup of green tea one to two hours before going to bed which can help you burn fat.

Pair green tea with exercise
Green tea boosts the metabolism of your body and helps reduce the absorption of fat. If you want to shed those extra pounds, do some exercise along with green tea. Any fitness expert or dietician will recommend the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Start off your fitness journey with green tea. Shop green tea online or from supermarkets as you can get plenty of choices to choose from. Also, check the reviews before buying and check the leaf size once you receive the tea. The leaves should be big and green and the tea colour should ideally be a light green colour.

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